Carving avocado stones

I’ve been experimenting with carving avocado stones. They’re surprisingly soft to work with. We have some very basic carving chisels that are good for the job. The ones above have been painted with acrylic and the ones below just left natural.

Some are easy to split in half and they do so in different ways. Below:

  • Leaves that fit together – one large, one small
  • A pair of eyes
  • A face and inset coin
  • I made holes with a broken paintbrush and inserted some of my recycled PET beads

After the success of the first batch we’ve been saving up stones and this is a batch I did with the kids – they’re fresh, you can see the difference.

Many of these didn’t split so we’ve tried making holes all the way through to see what works. We also hunted down some stones and sea glass to try inlaying them.

Plant possibilities

Finding out what can be made with leaves, nuts, seeds, flowers and more.