Carton tipper truck

I love this design. The axles are made with straws and bamboo skewers, the tipper part is just a section of carton that’s inverted and taped on. I cut out windows, added number plates, a string to pull it along with and yoghurt pot storage under the tipper part that made it level and gave another place to put things.

They make great gifts loaded with crayons, play dough or snacks.


I have made lots more since with my kids, and now they make their own.

In hindsight I would opt for masking tape instead of PVC (which I no longer use) and has the benefit of being able to be easily decorated.

Make More Make Believe

I’m a big advocate for children’s imaginative play. I also don’t think they need a huge amount of ‘stuff’ in order for it to be an enriching experience – it’s more important that they have the right environment in which to feel free and comfortable to explore. In the case of my own children I have found that they get as much from bits and pieces lying around as they ever have from anything I have made them. I have come to learn that I make ‘fun’ things as much as for myself as for them and with that realisation I am also freer to have fun.

Works of cARTon

Beverage cartons that hold juice, milk and liquid foods are made from a laminated combination of card, plastic and often aluminium eg brand names TetraPak and SIG. Not so environmentally friendly, but great to work with. What can you do with a carton?