Camouflage peg bag

My first camouflage peg bag was made from a child’s cardigan and an old tea towel as a lining. It lasted many years but I didn’t get round to taking a photo. Our troupe of growing puppy’s discovered it left on the line – and it was consequently destroyed.

The idea amuses me, and I did have chance to test it on a family member who offered to help hang up the washing… and couldn’t find any pegs….

So here is another one. It’s a favourite old woollen cardigan that went a funny shape. I just sewed up the front, base and armpits up to the coat hanger. I haven’t lined this one and I’m beginning to think that I should have – time will tell.

Those old clothes

How to dispose of those old clothes? I keep cutting them up and seeing what new things I can make out of them. Quite a lot of my projects use collections of clothes with sentimental value and others are used before they hit ‘rag bag’ status.