I had seen people make beautiful brooches from zips and felt so this is my take on that. It’s broken flies from children’s jeans sewn to a felt base and then needle felted. I’m not entirely happy with the shape of the wings but perhaps I can improve on that next time. This butter-flies has a safety pin so it can be pinned and sent as a gift.

Needle felting needs

I haven’t been able to do much wet felting as I’m allergic to both wool and soap, so when I discovered needle felting I had a go and found that the wool didn’t affect me.

I’ve only bought wool roving once (and acquired some here and there) so I have eked out my supplies to make it last as long as possible and I look out for ways to use it sparingly.

Strings and things

Projects containing all sorts of things such as string, wool, yarn, cord, shoelaces, buttons and zips.