Bunny ears

These are very simple ears to make and they’re fun. I don’t have wire coathangers but I do have half a roll of fencing wire that has been lasting for years and years. I picked up old tights from a charity shop. The trick is to wrap firmly to cover all the wire completely.

They might not thank me for these photos when they’re older but I can assure them, they enjoyed it at the time!

DIY Dressing-up


Dressing-up clothes – Old clothes, costumes, hats, and things such as masks or jewellery that can be used for children’s games or performances.

Ragbag rendezvous

A collection of items made from scrap fabric, mainly old clothes. I don’t ‘rendezvous’ with fabric scraps often enough, but hopefully that will change.

ragbag  Рbag in which scraps of fabric and old clothes are kept for use.

rendezvous – a meeting place.