Body logic fingerless gloves

Crocheted two-tone fingerless gloves | leftover cotton

I wear a lot of shop bought gloves and normally they don’t fit very well. I wanted to see if I could figure out how to crochet gloves using just my basic crochet knowledge. These are made to fit my hands and use single and double stitch. There was a some decreasing needed for the thumbs and I had to look up how to change colours, but overall it wasn’t that hard.

I used some left over crochet cotton. After completing the first I found I didn’t have enough thread to make identical gloves, but by reversing the colours I had just enough.

I originally read instructions by Crochetology by Fatima but my method varied quite a bit because I was MIUAYGA (making it up as you go along).

(A very) Rough guide:

  • *Be prepared to unravel the parts that don’t fit
  • Make notes of the number of stitches (for the 2nd glove)
  • Chain a loop that fits over the widest part of your hand
  • Crochet up in a spiral to form the wrist – keep trying it on
  • Crochet lines to leave space for the thumb – keep trying it on
  • When you’ve enough space for the thumb continue in a spiral until the height of the base of the little finger – spiral around the little finger and finish off
  • Spiral round the other fingers – keep trying it on to get the spacing right
  • Crochet the thumb by decreasing
  • Make another glove to match (or not)
Body logic

Body-logic means making clothing without needing a pattern because you measure against the body. Ideal for one-off hand made clothing and simple garments.

For me the idea is largely about having confidence to think for yourself and not to think that you can’t do it because you don’t have a pattern.

Crochet away!

Finding out about simple crochet.