Bird mobile

Little birds made from scrap fabric perching on branches to go with a birdhouse birthday card. I attached the birds by making little feet from wrapped cord. I’m not sure if they will hold. I tried to hang the branches so that they have movement, but that was easier said than done!

I like the way the birds peer down, they look like they’re chattering away to each other, and I also like the photo I took of them at the open window as they look at home in the trees beyond.

A little card made to match from cereal box and scraps of marbled paper.


The pattern is by Michael Fulkerson, though I didn’t print it out, I drew it off the screen. Now I have a larger one I might have a go at being a little more accurate. I think that if I were to try them again I would try and stiffen the fabric so that they hold their shape better – my scrap fabric is all from old clothes that have been well washed and is quite soft.

The first time I attached the birds to dried/dead pine branches as I like the curvy shapes, but this time I tried olive branch prunings. The leaves lasted a couple of months before I took them all off and was back to bare branches again. This time the branches are hung one below the other so it has no movement but takes up less space.

The cord feet didn’t work very well, some of the birds started to hang upside down! This time I resorted to adding hot glue to the feet to make the birds sit upright.

I don’t think I’ve got this right yet – I will revisit it at some point and try using spring pegs. Third times the charm!

Beguiled by mobiles

Finding out more about mobiles – their construction and possibilities.

Ragbag rendezvous

A collection of items made from scrap fabric, mainly old clothes. I don’t ‘rendezvous’ with fabric scraps often enough, but hopefully that will change.

ragbag  Рbag in which scraps of fabric and old clothes are kept for use.

rendezvous – a meeting place.

Cards from dis-cards

I’m always looking for ways to make cards from packaging and recycled materials – and ways to recycle old cards.

Many of my cards are made the night before they’re needed which explains their ‘thrown together’ qualities. I really like making them (there’s nothing like a deadline to give you focus). Many are made from frozen pizza boxes (we tend to have a lot of them), the card is similar to cereal boxes but comes in squares. I often use wood glue (PVA) to glue them together and I like to look for ways to make them 3D and interactive. These large ones are for immediate family so we don’t need to post them. We store them in boot boxes (bigger than shoe boxes) and they’re lovely things to rifle through when you’re feeling sentimental. The biggest impact my card making has had is to inspire my kids to make creative cards themselves – we’ve now quite a collection!