Angel mobile idea

A few years ago I made an angel mobile from floaty scarves but I hadn’t quite got it right. I thought I’d give it another go using a different method using a scarf and brass effect curtain rings from a charity shop.

I chose a scarf with graded colours thinking that they would complement each other. I cut it into squares and frayed the edges. Then I followed some ‘handkerchief doll’ tieing instructions, the only difference being that the head had a ring attached which would both hint at a heads and halos and serve to hang each figure up.

Well, I had many attempts at folding these dolls and tried a few variations but wasn’t satisfied. This was one of those projects where the components end up back in the rag bag/bits and pieces storage – perhaps they will be something else one day.

The scope of scarves

Exploring what you can make with a collection of old scarves.

Beguiled by mobiles

Finding out more about mobiles – their construction and possibilities.