Advent nativity

This is my adaptation of Mary’s Star Path, an idea in the book All Year Round. It is a series of little boxes like envelopes that contain a needle felted nativity set that is revealed day by day throughout advent. It is set up in our saloon on a ledge and leads to a stable in the bookcase, next to the light.

On the first day the angel appears telling Mary the good news…

On the following days the envelopes are opened Mary, Joseph and the donkey begin their journey. Each day also yields a silver star which are collected on the blue cloth and throughout December the night sky fills with stars.

The little card boxes are lined with bronze that form the path they travel upon each day.

Shepherds by their fire, sheep and a lamb appear and gather on the hillside, waiting in anticipation…

The animals gather in the stable and await the arrival of the baby.

On Christmas Day a large box is opened and a host of angels appear and the star of Bethlehem hovers over the stable.

I used a number of things I had at hand – feathers from a shuttle cock for the angel’s feathers and a collection of paper chocolate wrappers to give the path a bronze shine.

About time

All thing time related; calendars, history and marking the passage of time.

Needle felting needs

I haven’t been able to do much wet felting as I’m allergic to both wool and soap, so when I discovered needle felting I had a go and found that the wool didn’t affect me.

I’ve only bought wool roving once (and acquired some here and there) so I have eked out my supplies to make it last as long as possible and I look out for ways to use it sparingly.

All dolled up

All sorts of figures to play with including rag dolls, peg dolls, animals, teddy bears and soft toys in general.

My kids have amassed a huge collection of mostly hand-me-down soft toys and they claim to be attached to every single one… I try and make the best of it and offer to customise them when they start falling apart.