Advent cap calendars

This project came about for two reasons. Firstly I thought it would be good idea to send out our Christmas parcels early for a change – so why not make advent calendars? Secondly, I have a large collection of plastic screw caps from the Tetra Pak weaving I’ve been doing and I wanted to find a way of using both the caps and the part it screws onto.

The idea evolved as I went along in roughly this order;

  • I tried printed circles onto yellow duster felt (using an ink pad belonging to the kids) to make it easier to space the screw caps. That seemed to work.
  • We agreed that smarties would be a suitable gift for each day
  • I tried ironing the screw fitting onto gold lined crisp packets I’d been saving – it seemed to work
  • We stamped out Christmas trees to fit different pieces of backing board we had
  • We stamped numbers on to pieces of felt and glued them onto the caps
  • Finally we assembled all the pieces and tried not to eat all the smarties!


Some reflections

Well, they were certainly a bit different. From my perspective of finding ways to attach things with less glue – I was happy to try out the ironing. I suspect that some might not have held and some people would have been shaking their calendars to get to those smarties! But on the other hand we ended up using a fair amount of glue to attach the numbers…

I chose duster felt because it’s recycled, I had it, its cheap and doesn’t fray. I use it quite a bit and finding uses for bright yellow is usually fun – but in this case the calendars were very glary and a bit of an ugly colour combination. However, the people receiving them only had one – so maybe that’s not so bad as looking a group of them.

The thinner tree design didn’t look as good. We were just using the card board pieces we had.

On a positive note – I moved on a lot of plastic caps. And another – they’re reusable – my kids are planning to reuse the ones they kept.

Top priority

Projects finding uses for bottle tops, lids and caps of bottles and jars.